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Wearable Breast Pump

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CONVENIENT:The Electric breast pump is portable and rechargeable.1000 mAH battery powered
for sucking 2-4 times, can be used for half an hour each time.Wireless breast pump weight only 15
ounces and can be carried around in breast pump backpack.Making it ideal for an on-the-go can also pump milk while you doing housework or playing with children.

SAFE MATERIAL & EASY TO CLEAN:The hand free breast pump, made of food grade soft
silicone, is BPA-Free,ensuring that the breast milk are 100% safe to the baby.The accessories are
detachable and easy to clean, Keep the milk clean.

SMART MODE:Wearable Breast pump has 2 modes and 9 levels adjustment,breast pumping
mode---imitate baby's real sucking,massage mode---promote breast milk secretion.With LCD
screen ,has memory function .You can see the strength levels and power status at during use.
Easy to operation.

ANTI-BACKFLOW &LOW NOISE DESIGN :The wireless breast pump has anti-backflow system
prevents the milk leakage,protects milk from infection and keeps it fresh.Its sound

The Althea Collection

The Althea baby backpack is more than just a diaper bag! It’s a way to simplify and enhance parenthood. Our high-end and function-forward Althea backpack can serve as a:

- Diaper bag

- Booster seat

- Changing table

- Charging port section

- Waterproof storage bag

The smooth contours, color options, and timeless design make this bag perfect for anyone on any occasion.


SGS Certified. “Children’s Product Certification” available upon request.

Please email for certification and information.

Saftey Certified

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