Alex & Thea

Alex & Thea is a small, woman-owned business located in the heart of Erie, Pennsylvania. We create functional, fashion-forward baby products and accessories that make life easier for busy parents. Named after founder Rachelle Martin's own two children, Alex & Thea is also a go-to resource for actionable parenting advice.

Helping out at home

Headquartered in a Rustbelt city, we're committed to finding high-impact initiatives that bolster our community and beyond. We're proud to collaborate with The Bair Foundation, a non-profit therapeutic foster care agency committed to finding safe, supportive homes for children of all ages and backgrounds. As a Benefit Corporation (B-Corp), Alex & Thea started "Creating Connections." This program supplies babies and toddlers in foster care with the necessary supplies to thrive in their new homes.

Our Mission

Alex & Thea strives to design premium lifestyle products that empower parents and guardians to raise children with confidence and grace.

Core Values

  • Make Life Better

    At Alex & Thea, we only want to make products that make life better for parents and children. We design all of our clothing and accessories with a purpose: to make you feel and look great.

  • Contribute to the Community

    Be it through charitable donations or hiring local talent at competitive wages, we strive to give back to our community and beyond. Alex & Thea is a registered B Corp Certification.

  • Prioritize Quality

    Fast fashion is contributing to climate change and poor overseas work conditions. To reduce our carbon footprint, we produce all of our products in limited runs and with high-quality materials.

A Letter from Our Founder

My name is Rachelle Martin. I'm a mom, a former educator, and an entrepreneur. To fully understand Alex & Thea, it’s helpful to know why I created it. And, in order to know that, I have to take you back a decade or so.

My husband Alex and I had been together for nearly ten years when we first got pregnant with Alex Jr.. While raising one child certainly came with challenges, it was smooth sailing, all things considered. And then, just two years later, we had our second baby, Thea.

Our hearts were full, and our family finally felt complete. But my husband and I were also exhausted. It felt like loose ends were never being tied up, and life would come unfurled if we didn’t act fast enough.

We came to realize, however, that being a little tired was only the beginning. Shortly after Thea was born, her weight plateaued, she was fatigued, and she became more difficult to feed with each passing day. I had taken Thea to various doctors, scoured the web for insights, and prayed for answers. But her condition only seemed to worsen.

Finally, a doctor diagnosed Thea with Failure to Thrive. She had a feeding tube at just eight weeks old, and we ended up needing a full-time stay-at-home nurse. I felt like I was losing my baby and my mind all in one fell swoop. As a result, I was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

I think the parenting journey is challenging for everyone in some way, shape, or form. I started thinking that there were probably others out there who had similar experiences. But really, when I searched online, I noticed there were still missing necessities in the parenting department.

So, I started Alex & Thea to fill in the gaps with the right products, podcasts, and blog posts. Not only are we coming out with a line of innovative baby products, but we're also serving as a helpful resource for parents from all walks of life.

Today, I feel so fortunate to share what I’ve learned about parenting through a line of accessories made with you in mind. I'm so thankful to say that everyone in my family is now happy and thriving! I'm excited for this next chapter of my life and am looking foward to sharing it with all of you.

All my best,