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Bottle Warmer

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Intelligent constant temperature: 2 pieces of smart baby bottle insulation suits, also equipped with
2 pieces of USB charging cables, electric heating, 5-layer protection material design; The USB
milk heat keeper can only keep the bottle warm rather than heat it, the temperature of the bottle
decreases after the power is switched off, the insulation effect is only effective when it is plugged

Convenience: it can make feeding at night easier, traditional milk powder has multiple steps,
babies can't wait, parents don't have enough sleep, and a warm milk cover can easily solve
parents' troubles; Please note: this product cannot be heated from cold water, only hot water

Life time: Battery capacity is 5200 mA, Charging time need 4.5 hours. Product life time is 3 hours
of continuous use (indoor temperature tested at 26 degrees Celsius). A variety of power supply
methods, can be used while charging (car power supply / power bank direct plug / mobile phone

Note: When using, please make sure that the bottom of the baby bottle fits closely to the
temperature control head with spring on

the base, otherwise it will cause the thermostat to fail to measure the temperature, resulting in
excessive temperature. Please

ensure that the temperature is appropriate before feeding

The Althea Collection

The Althea baby backpack is more than just a diaper bag! It’s a way to simplify and enhance parenthood. Our high-end and function-forward Althea backpack can serve as a:

- Diaper bag

- Booster seat

- Changing table

- Charging port section

- Waterproof storage bag

The smooth contours, color options, and timeless design make this bag perfect for anyone on any occasion.


SGS Certified. “Children’s Product Certification” available upon request.

Please email for certification and information.

Saftey Certified

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