We See You!

We See You!

To all the most amazing people raising those beautiful children:

Thank you! Really, give yourself a hug, let out a sigh, and know that somewhere, someone is so very thankful for all that you are and all that you do.

Hi! My name is Rachelle and I just started Alex & Thea, a company that designs functional and fashionable baby products. In conjunction with ramping up the business, I’ve had my own two little bundles of joy running around me for the past few years while trying to function in this crazy pandemic we have all lived in.

I am an educator turned stay-at-home mom. I earned my bachelor’s degree to thrive in the fashion industry. However, my career path changed when I moved back to my hometown and worked intensively as a special education teacher, after acquiring a Masters in Special Education.

I worked in middle school and elementary school with children that had special needs for seven years. Later, my husband and I were more than thrilled to find out we were finally expecting our first child after 10 years of marriage.

We wanted to do what felt right for our family at the time and decided I would stay home with them for a while. Two years later, we were a family with two under two! Our hearts were more full than ever and our heads spinning. Our life became chaotic and even more beautiful.

We never had enough hands to do all that needed to be done. I found myself thinking that something had to be out there to give parents a break and even a connection or two! Parents deserve more!

Now Thea is off to a Montessori program and Alex is in pre-school. I have a calling to help other moms going through what I did. So much is easier now, but we still find challenging moments every day!

Family is everything. My husband, Alex, and children, Alexander Jr. and Theodora, mean the world to me! We are always on the move. I had an idea one day to incorporate my education with home and business life and came upon something amazing! Now, I want to help you make life a little easier.

Parenting is hard and, at times, can be downright exhausting. At Alex & Thea, we join forces to share stories, experiences, and practical life solutions for you to live your best life. We give families the ability to function practically and fashionably. We deliver time back to parents so that you can focus on what really matters.

The baby industry currently does not have a functional on-the-go baby bag for both moms and dads to rely on. Families must rely on multiple products with various uses before leaving the house which leads to frustration when items are missing, too large to carry comfortably, and not able to function on the go without an acceptable plug and outlet. Growing traveling experiences among families can be very difficult when lugging around everything a new baby needs. Now, Alex & Thea produces a one-of-a-kind, innovative, and multifunctional diaper bag with accessories.

Our family believes that being blessed with opportunity comes with a bigger opportunity to give back. When starting Alex & Thea, I couldn't stop thinking of ways to help children in need. Many amazing people shared endless time and energy in our Emotional Support classroom that I taught. With this, we at Alex & Thea came up with Creating Connections. So much good is happening when you purchase a Baby Backpack and accessories. I am sure you will find this project as amazing as we do!

We truly want to thank each one of you for the lives you are raising and the endless love you share each day. Please, take a moment to join us on our social media, and blog, and follow along with our quick podcast chats; because really, who has more time than that?!

I hope to chat with you soon,


Rachelle Ann Martin

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