Must-Have Baby Products for Busy Moms

Must-Have Baby Products for Busy Moms

Babies require a lot. I mean, a lot of stuff. Often it seems overwhelming when you look at all the items that you can register for. But what do you really need? And what can simplify your life? I think that often we spend our money on cheap products that don’t last or are not really all that functional. Quality products that are going to last and will simplify our lives are worth it every time. I have had products that have lasted through 3 kids and ones that have not made it through a couple of months. Quality and functionality are key.

I really am jealous of the new moms that get to start their journey in motherhood with the Alex & Thea Diaper bag and all the accessories available in the Althea Collection. Let me tell you, I have tried multiple diaper bags and they just didn’t have everything I needed. They were big and bulky and constantly falling off my shoulder. Trying to manage a baby, a giant bag falling off my shoulder and pushing a stroller through the snow are not some of my fondest motherhood memories. I wish I could have had something so simple and yet so practical.

The Alex & Thea Diaper bag can be worn on your shoulder or as a backpack. I personally find the backpack option to be the easiest when trying to maneuver a baby. Whether you are wearing the baby, carrying them in their car seat, or pushing a stroller, the weight evenly distributed on your back is by far more comfortable and easier to manage. I also love the sleek style and color options. My husband was never a big fan of the bright pink patterned diaper bag when he was out with one of our girls on his own.

The Althea Collection has a magnitude of amazing accessories as well. The battery pack alone is one of my favorite features. Being able to charge items with a USB port really does simplify your life. The accessories you actually need when out with your baby can charge from the pack and fit nicely into the bag.

mom holding smiling baby while reaching into diaper bag back pack

I found that all my kids slept better with a white noise sound machine. But all the ones we had at home were not easy to transport. Not to mention I needed somewhere to plug them in. The white noise machine from the Althea collection comes with four sound choices and plugs in with a USB port. So, if you have your bag, you can run your sound machine. How simple. This is great for trying to get your baby to nap while you are out of the house. You can use this at home as well. No need to buy a separate sound machine.

I have definitely had instances where I needed a bottle warmer, and I was out in public with no way to warm the bottle. Out of my three girls, I had that one baby who needed her bottle at just the right temperature, or she would refuse it, no matter how hungry she was. I needed a portable bottle warmer and there simply wasn’t one on the market at that point that was really functional. Now the Althea Collection has a portable bottle warmer, and you can use it with your diaper bag. It fits nicely inside, and it is able to be used when needed.

I know so many parents whose babies would scream with cold wipes. Especially in the winter months when the wipes would get colder in the car. The Althea Collection also has a wipe warmer for on the go. No more screaming babies during diaper changing. We all use those wipes to wipe baby’s face as well. The warm wipe is so much more comfortable for them.

The Alex & Thea Diaper bag has its own changing pad built in too, which is probably one of the most exciting features to me. This feature aligns with the wipe warmer and makes diaper changing a breeze, no matter where you are. And let’s face it, if you are a seasoned parent, you have some interesting stories about locations you have had to change your baby’s diaper. Imagine how much easier it would have been with this diaper bag.

baby sitting in high chair being fed by mom

Once your bundle of joy is sitting up on their own, you can use the highchair option on the diaper bag. Simply attach it to a chair and now you have a highchair wherever you are. Super convenient and clean. I have worked in restaurants and those highchairs are rarely cleaned well. Often the seatbelts are broken. My kids were always half falling out of them. Eating out is often stressful and it doesn’t have to be. Being able to have your highchair as part of your diaper bag makes for a much more relaxing meal.

I simply can’t get over all these features. All necessary items for parents that coordinate with each other. I truly wish this was available when my girls were little. I was always fumbling with multiple items and bags when going out with my kids. My girls are all right around two years apart so going out with two toddlers and a newborn has its challenges. I had at least one kid in diapers for 6 years and for most of that time period I had two. This really is the must have diaper bag for moms of one to multiple kids.


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