Mama Needs a Break

Mama Needs a Break

Sometimes, I need a break.  Not like a Ross and Rachel, circa 1997, type break, but a break nonetheless. 
 A break from just...everything. 
That sounds terrible, right?  Especially from a mom.  I am sure to some it sounds selfish.  But right now life seems crazy and even overwhelming at times.  
Recently, I have started to truly reflect on why that is.  I have a good life.  I am so thankful for my blessings.  I adore my children.  I have a wonderful husband.  So, why am I feeling this way?  Why am I so exhausted? Why do I have a desire to disappear and go off the radar for a day or two? 
And there were some obvious answers that came to mind. I’m typically overextended. I don’t get enough sleep. My diet and exercise routine has been less than stellar lately. I want to help others in need, so I rarely say no.  Actually, I feel guilty saying no.  I have three energetic kids.I am basically trying to do it all, all the time.  
And let’s not forget, the entire world is a bit crazy right now. 

But maybe all those reasons are not really the problem.  Maybe it is more than that.
Maybe the problem is that we are not designed that way. Maybe we weren’t meant to do it all. 
Maybe not every arena is designed for us.  
Maybe we do not have to seize every opportunity.  
Maybe we are busy trying to do it on our own, without help.  We aren’t designed to do it alone.  We need community with others.
Maybe we need rest, a full day of rest. But yet, as moms, we often feel guilty resting and an entire day seems impossible or even ludacris. We feel selfish talking time for ourselves. But maybe that time is truly necessary.  
Maybe I'm so tired, frustrated and anxious because my focus isn’t where it should be.

Maybe I am doing good things, but they are not the good things that are designed for me to do.
Maybe I’m doing what I feel obligated to do. .  
So, maybe I need to say no and be okay with it. 
Maybe I need to eliminate some “good” things to focus on the “best” things.
Maybe I need to leave the piles of laundry for a day and play with my kids.
Maybe I need to leave the dishes in the sink and have fun with my husband.  
Maybe I need to leave my to-do list on the counter and go for a walk.  
Maybe I need a break.  A day of rest. A recharge. A time to listen, instead of speak.  A time to reprioritize. 
Maybe I need to just be still.   

Teri Sinnott is a busy wife, mother of 3 girls, teacher, blogger,  and certified Life Coach.  She utilizes her professional experience and passionate heart to encourage others.  Teri provides parenting and life hacks to simplify life and allow parents to focus on what really matters.  No stranger to using her voice to create positive change, Teri hosts social media platforms that are centered on inspiration and providing a community of fellowship for women. Visit her at  

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